Hi there, I’m Anubha.

Some of the more stable, non-trivial labels I can think of to describe myself:  Curious person. Jane of all trades. Brown & lovely.

But more seriously, I’m a seasoned product leader with 5+ years of experience building consumer-facing products, many involving big data, voice, machine-learning, and e-commerce. My degrees (too many) are in Computer Science (BS), Management Science (MS), and Linguistics/Cognitive Science (PhD) from Stanford University. Additional coursework in NLP, AI, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship (Mayfield Fellow ’01). My professional and educational versatility is matched by a broad set of life experiences. I’ve had the privilege of having lived in multiple countries and cultures. I’ve always pushed my boundaries, never settling for the easy path.

Recently I founded Heartbreak to Harmony (H2H), a community and a set of resources for anyone experiencing romantic heartbreak. It is intended to be a one-stop shop for all the support one needs to heal and rebuild oneself after heartbreak.

H2H is a labor of love inspired by my own divorce, by stories and support from others like me, and by the ensuing deep insight into relationship transition and starting over. Right now I’m trying to get all the knowledge out on paper while building new community offerings that help people connect with others like themselves in a safe and authentic way (join the waitlist!). I also offer 1:1 support on emotional well-being, self-discovery, and love, dating, and relationships. More details on the H2H website!

Anubha Kothari