Introducing Phoenix

Adversity is unpleasant, to put it mildly.  Life transitions such as divorce, loss of a loved one, or loss of a job can leave one grappling with difficult emotions, questioning one’s beliefs, and experiencing the dissolution of one’s identity and ego. That said, I’ve come to appreciate adversity as a vehicle for personal transformation.  That’s what adversity can and should be.  A golden opportunity to rise from the ashes and rebuild yourself into a stronger, wiser, happier, and freer person.  Indeed, I’ve been humbled by the possibilities for emotional growth and for the realization of your greater self.  As someone who’s been through a divorce, I can confirm that even the most difficult periods of your life can be the most rewarding.

My learnings have prompted a new undertaking, which I’m going to call “Phoenix” (obviously).  It’s about helping anyone going through a major transition or recovering from a traumatic experience to not just survive their adversity but to thrive and grow from it.  For me, personally, it is an attempt to make my love visible by helping others make their own life transitions as meaningful and constructive as possible.

I’m keeping options open for how these goals might be realized.  I imagine the project will evolve in ways I can’t anticipate, and I prefer to keep the scope unconstrained.  I’ll remain committed to two themes, however — human connection and self-reflection — and will say more on the what/why/how in separate posts.

For now, the first order of business is diving into customer discovery, testing my assumptions, and collecting data to inform the direction of the project.  I’ll start by focusing on women undergoing a divorce (with the goal of eventually expanding to many other categories).  If you find Phoenix compelling, I’d love your help in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Connect me with women currently going through a divorce and looking for mentorship or support. I am reachable at  Of course, I’ll honor their privacy and respect their preferences on how they wish to be supported.
  2. Spread the word.  Share or like this post on social media.  Send it to relevant people in your network.
  3. Support me with honest feedback, ideas, network connections, or words of encouragement.

Thank you, and please stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Phoenix

  1. I am currently going through an unexpected job search after starting a temporary job, but after 6 weeks, was told was contacted by my recruiter that my last day was in about two weeks. I was not really given an explanation, just that I was not picking-up the role fast enough. However, I was told that the tasks were not urgent to complete. Then manager then said that she did not know what she needed help with when she brought me in. I’m devastated, and this has really rocked my confidence to the core. In addition, my marriage is in a very bad place. My husband in in mid-life crisis. I am in need of a life-line mentor to help me lift out of this rut.

    • Julia, thank you for sharing your story and being vulnerable. I can feel the stressfulness of your situation, and I’d be happy to understand further and help, to the best of my abilities. Please feel free to write me at so we can arrange a phone-call or whatever works best for you while protecting your privacy. For now, please hang in there. You _will_ emerge from this, and stronger!!

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